E09 "Self-Acceptance (Part 2)"

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How do you, Elian, deal with mental health especially due to social expectations?

We all need someone who is always there for us because it is always difficult. Thankfully there are more people to help us.

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E08 “Self-Acceptance (Part 1)”

Understanding mental health in youth, especially those in the transgender community, is a very essential discussion. Our student Zehlia asked the right questions!

What was it like with your friends and your family when you came out to them and having them accept you for who you are?

For my grandma, my grandfather, for example, it's not something that's possible yet. I actually don't push my grandfather for accepting stuff like that. I'm happy that if he can be with me in the same room, and talking and sharing dinner.

Host • Zehlia Ndiaye, Senegal

Guest speakers • Elian and Canuto, Mexico

Producer • Illya Sumanto