E08 "Self-Acceptance (Part 1)"

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How do you learn how to accept your body, especially since your body doesn't necessarily define who you are?

I think when you start to accept that you are a trans person, and you start to love yourself as you are, the body is something you start to love as well. In the end, you need to love yourself because nobody will love you as much as you love yourself.

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E08 “Self-Acceptance (Part 1)”

Understanding mental health in youth, especially those in the transgender community, is a very essential discussion. Our student Zehlia asked the right questions!

Accepting your body is something that we face. Everybody faces that. Most of the time for trans people, it doesn't fit on the typical gender definitions. So that's why we're more creative. We accept our body with creativity.

Host • Zehlia Ndiaye, Senegal

Guest speakers • Elian and Canuto, Mexico

Producer • Illya Sumanto