EFY Live: Self-Acceptance (Part 2) [EP.09]

E09 “Self-Acceptance (Part 2)” EFY Live How do you, Elian, deal with mental health especially due to social expectations? Zehlia Ndiaye, EFY student We all need someone who is always there for us because it is always difficult. Thankfully there are more people to help us. Elian, Asociación por las Infancias Transgénero / the Association […]

EFY Live: Self-Acceptance (Part 1) [EP.08]

E08 “Self-Acceptance (Part 1)” EFY Live How do you learn how to accept your body, especially since your body doesn’t necessarily define who you are? Zehlia Ndiaye, EFY student I think when you start to accept that you are a trans person, and you start to love yourself as you are, the body is something […]

EFY Live: Focus [EP.07]

E07 “Focus” EFY Live I’m not a 100% when I do something. Did you have this problem when you were younger? Tanusya Manimuttu, EFY student https://youtu.be/Az2YZdEGUZU?si=HsuVV4o7_CD2MU16 E07: “Focus” Our student Tanusya interviewed Muay Thai champion, Amir Naseri, to help her focus better. How did Amir train himself to focus to achieve his goals? When I […]

EFY Live: Bravery [EP.06]

E06 “Bravery” EFY Live I’m scared of heights! Wan Armand, EFY student https://youtu.be/Az2YZdEGUZU?si=HsuVV4o7_CD2MU16 E06: “Bravery” This important conversation between Romi and our student Armand aims to encourage you to play more outside! Because as we (young or old) spend less and less of our lives in natural surroundings, our senses physiologically and psychologically narrow, thus, […]

EFY Live: Magic [EP.05]

E05 “Magic” EFY Live Another thing that is magical to me is that you have to be kind. And make people cheered up like when they’re sad. I’d like to use my magic and imagination to explore the whole earth! Iman Medina, EFY student https://youtu.be/Az2YZdEGUZU?si=HsuVV4o7_CD2MU16 E05: “Magic” Magic is everywhere! But the trivial question is, […]

EFY Live: Positivity [EP.04]

E04 “Positivity” EFY Live Rejection is a big problem that build up insecurities. How do you deal with rejection? Zaleia Ilaika. EFY student https://youtu.be/e5lWP44A1H0?si=pjtaT5I1RTKRnhdj E04: “Positivity” To become more positive, we must remove our insecurities. It’s easier said than done, but mind-shift muscle training has to start somewhere innit? We invite you to watch our […]

EFY Live: Happiness [EP.03]

E03 “Happiness” EFY Live What is the colour of happiness to you? Zehlia Ndiaye, EFY student https://youtu.be/tfS3tU9laok?si=Sc88vgN3hbEFuVTo E03: “Happiness” In this episode, our student Zehlia interviewed physics professor and beat poet Laurette from Greece, Prof Chryssa Velissariou. She quantified ‘happiness’ for the Gen Z and shared her perspectives with us on how to be happy. […]

EFY Live: Hurt [EP.02]

E02 “Hurt” EFY Live People have bullied me before in school and the experience was not great. Can you share with us the ways that you use to deal with hurt? Bon Hao Yin, EFY student https://youtu.be/ZR-Wlt7M4g0?si=dntptMC7OkDWlhAU E02: “Hurt” Various events in life can hurt our feelings, criticism being one of many. Do you agree […]

EFY Live: Anger [EP.01]

E01 “Anger” EFY Live How do you deal with anger caused by systematic oppression and how do you deal with anger everyday? Zehlia Ndiaye, EFY student https://youtu.be/1MYwVgqIdos?si=QsIjHE-k4dkUeiaY E01: “Anger” This is the first episode of Empathy For Youth’s ‘applied empathy’ project where we get our students to have a discourse about a primary emotion that […]